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Student Policies &
Frequently Asked Questions

Student Policies 

Click here to view our full Student Policies PDF. 


How do I enroll in a lesson or class?

What lesson times are available?

Are there makeup lessons? What if I am out of town and need to miss a lesson?

What are Private Lessons (or One-to-One Lessons)?

What group classes are offered at Market Street Music Conservatory?

How much do group classes cost?

What is the cost of private lessons?

When is the recital?

Do your instructors offer Virtual Lessons?

What is "Sub Leasing" or "Gifting a Lesson"?

Fill out our contact form, or send us an email to get the process started. Our office will notify one of our instructors of your interest in lessons! The instructor will contact you and work with you from there!

Once you are assigned to a teacher, they will work with you on a lesson time that works for both of your schedules. Lessons times and teacher availability change often, which is why it is important to stay enrolled. Staying enrolled through summer, and times of travel, guarantees placement with your current teacher, and your current time slot. 

For those taking private lessons, we offer several opportunities for makeup credit. Makeup credits do not expire while the student is enrolled. Throughout the year, our teachers will offer group sessions for those needing a makeup lesson. These group opportunities are beneficial to all of our students and give opportunities for collaboration, performance coaching, general music topics, and so much more! We do not currently offer makeup credits to those enrolled in Group Classes. 

Private lessons, or One-to-One Lessons, are one-on-one training with one of our qualified professional educators. They incorporate everything from music theory implementation, mastering technique, to working together on music selections, and performance coaching. There are also several opportunities for collaboration in group instruction and performance preparation throughout the year.

We currently have multiple group classes available at Market Street Music Conservatory! Group Piano Classes (various ages), Group Strings, Guitar 101, Group Voice & Small Ensemble, Early Childhood Classes (Musikgarten and Pre-Piano), Youth Choir and Adult Choir, Youth Theatre, and Art courses like, “Mini Makers” & “Mighty Makers.”

Group classes each may differ in cost. Visit the specific page of the class you're interested in to learn more. You can aways email us anytime at

Private lessons are $30 per week/half hour (30 minute lesson). We offer 30 minute, 45 minute, and one hour long private lessons here at the Conservatory. We at Market Street Music Conservatory do recommend longer lesson times to our beginners, but it is not required. 

We have student recitals & concerts in Market Street Hall multiple times a year! Ask your instructor about the next recital opportunity, and be watching our website and social media for the dates!

We do! Our instructors offer lessons via Zoom. We also offer Zoom lessons for our in-person students. Whether you're traveling, under the weather, or we're experiencing inclement weather, Zoom is a great option! 

"Sub leasing" or "gift a lesson," is letting someone you know use your paid lesson time with your instructor. Have a friend or family member interested in lessons? You can give them your time slot for the week so they can give it a try without the long term commitment. 

Have any other questions?
You can email us any time at


Ready to enroll? Send us a message to get the process started!

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