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Youth Choir



Treble Tones

at Market Street Music Conservatory


Treble Tones

An elite group of singers dedicated to making quality music in a variety of styles.

For students age 6-High School

The goal of the Market Street Music Conservatory's Treble Tones is to develop and nurture children’s natural love of music and singing. We strive to engage children in high-quality music education and performance opportunities, while also developing their individual abilities. We are committed to inspiring joy in the hearts of our singers and audiences.


Why join Treble Tones?

1. There is joy in making and sharing music with others. 

2. Singing releases endorphins which reduces anxiety and stress. It is also a mood booster.

3. Singing is a workout. It increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, increases energy, and works out a range of upper body muscles.

4. Singing in a choir helps you to overcome nerves and build confidence in your abilities.

5. Singing is effective in bonding large groups and forging social bonds.

The MSMC Treble Tone Sessions:

Wednesdays from 



Come check it out!


Rachel Scholes

Meet Our Treble Tone Director

Rachel Scholes has been involved in music since the age of five, when she began taking piano lessons. As a child, she sang in the church choir and played the clarinet in band. She also was involved in musicals and choir in high school. Rachel started teaching piano lessons in high school, after shadowing and assisting her own piano teacher.

It was this teacher who heard Rachel sing, during a piano recital rehearsal, and urged Rachel to take voice lessons. Rachel began taking voice lessons in preparation for college scholarship auditions. She found that she was passionate about singing! She graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a bachelor’s degree in music education, in 2003. 

Read more of her bio here.


Rachel also teaches Piano, Pre-Piano, and Voice at Market Street Music Conservatory.



$17 per hour ($68/month)


Take the next step and call (618) 364-3486 (Leave us a message) now to grab a great lesson time as space is limited. Or you can email us to sign-up, or just to request more info. 


Ready to enroll? Send us a message to get the process started!

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